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By the idea that each year will appear a new expansion for World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment has always further away: Between Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm are two years and a few weeks. The third expansion for the most successful online role-playing game will be on 7 Appear in December. We have taken a detailed look at the revised Azeroth and the new areas.

A dragon will come …

C’thun is submerged, Illidan reviewed no more skull bones and Kil’Jaeden has fallen into the well from which he ascended. Yogg’Saron gets nothing more to bite and the Lich King has been dethroned. It seems as Azeroth would be slow to safety, but far from it: the Twilight Hammer clan, the old gods and the restless Elemental extend their power-hungry fingers,

During Deathwing want to see the world burn. driven mad by the influence of the old gods leave Deathwing – had once Neltharion the guardian of the earth – his asylum in the elementary level of the earth (earth home), thus breaks through the maelstrom and is aimed at cataclysmic damage …

The Kataklymus

The emergence of Deathwing changed the “old world” consisting of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor (stages 1 to 60) long term and permanent – even all the WoW players who buy not add on, with change preferences must take. Northrend being added (Lich King) lived miraculously no impact – just to Outland (Burning Crusade) – you can see some areas after the Kataklymus hardly. Thus Darkshore by deep trenches with a gigantic whirlpool crossed and the night elves Auberdine settlement was destroyed. The fallow land is broken into two pieces, and a lava gorge separates the former area permanently. Gadgetzan is in Tanaris by the rise in sea level at a time on the water, the Port of Menethil is flooded, broke the dam in Loch Modan, Thousand Needles and you shall henceforth swimming, but in the formerly dismal Desolace sprouts at once the life .

Stormwind from the air: It is finally possible to fly in the “old world”.
Not only the Kataklymus has drawn the world: Since the demise of the Lich King several years (in game time) passed – with consequences: The Little Prince of Stormwind had several level-ups, the bridge in Lakeshire is finally done and Western Plaguelands runs the plague slowly. Moreover, the conflict between Alliance and Horde is cooking up again and again. Everywhere there are new bases, outposts, and sometimes have completely turned the balance of power. So the Horde Southshore in the foothills of the hill country has destroyed Camp Taurajo is on fire and fighting cocks in Andorhal both have built a base in direct line of sight.

Known to be different

The numerous changes in the “old vanilla WoW world” are not mere optical upgrades in order to allow the flies. It is rather a profound general revision, which was at times more than necessary, since those areas are lagging two add-ons with a variety of technical innovation and experience behind the Quest-/Landschaftsdesign. They are in fact more than five years old and it shows: Long running paths, cumbersome to obtain quest items, cryptic descriptions and design vulnerabilities are not uncommon in the Old World. Therefore, the developers have any, really every area, applied and revised starting with the background story about the quest flow up to the design – some areas have been improved a lot, others less likely.

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World of WarCraft: Cataclysm

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This article was published on 2010/12/17