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World globes can be found in classrooms, in the studies or libraries of the elite.  Antique and collector globes are often seen as status symbols and may be passed on from generation to generation. One man, however, believed that globes should be something that no home should be without and he started a company dedicated to accomplishing this very lofty goal.

Luther Replogle did not hail from a wealthy heritage and in fact was quite down on his luck when he started his famous globe company. The very first globe that Replogle ever made was produced in a tiny apartment in Chicago. Beginning out of their own apartment, Luther and his wife Elizabeth began making globes in the late 1920's.

Unfortunately for Luther and his wife, the world economy was just beginning to crash when they started their little globe-making enterprise. At a time when the world could barely afford the essentials like food and shelter, Replogle Globes somehow managed to not only survive the Great Depression—they somehow managed to thrive!

Today, Replogle is the largest manufacturer of globes in the world. The company takes great care to make certain their world globes are as accurate as possible. To this end, the company is in constant communication with various agencies of the U.S. government (U.S. Department of State, U.S. Board of Geographic Names, and even the CIA) and other nations around the world. All boundaries, nations, and territories officially recognized by the U.S. government are represented on every Replogle globe.

Although Luther Replogle never realized his dream of seeing a globe in every home, his company has certainly grown from its humble beginnings in that tiny apartment in Chicago. Today, Replogle Globes offers a wide array of products including: illuminated, antique, and contemporary world globes all made to exacting standards. Online retailers are probably the best place to find quality Replogle world globes because their low overhead allows them pass along savings to customers. In addition, online shopping provides customers with a wider variety of choices so they can find the perfect globe for themselves or as a gift for loved ones.


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This article was published on 2010/03/19