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Webkinz are small stuffed animals that were introduced by the Ganz gift company in 2005. Each one has a special code of their own which allows the owner to go to the internet site, the world of the Webkinz, the code allows one to adopt a digital version of the stuffed animal. When the Digital version of the pet is created, they are able to interact with it. There are also younger brothers and sisters of the Webkinz called Lil'Kinz. The Lil'Kinz are as said a smaller version of the Webkinz but are exact copies in smaller scale.

The Webkinz are a new age Beanie Baby, as every Webkinz is only made for a time and then discontinued. There will be a lot of rare Webkinz and this will of course make the prices higher for all these rare collectors items. The retired Webkinz include: the unicorn, gray and white cat, the cheeky dog, and the cheeky cat. There has been over 2 million webkinz in circulation already,

Each registered Webkinz is awarded a room in the Webkinz world, one item of food, a balloon to welcome them, Webkinz world currency in the amount of 2000 Kinzcash, and some furniture for the digital Webkinz. KinzCash is the going currency in thr Webkinz world. Each Webkinz in the Webkinz digital world has a specified amount of happiness, hunger and health wich will decrease if the user doesn't spend time with the pet. The levels are increasing by playing, exercising, bathing and feeding with the pet. If the levels are lowerd to much, special medicine is needed for the pet, the medicine can be aquired in the virtual clinic. The game play mostly revolves around earning KinzCash and of course spending it. Earning KinzCash is a matter of playing games and answering questions in the form of quizzes. Earned Kinz cash goes toward buying stuff for the digital pet which will make it happy and promote its well being. A registered pet grants one year of game play time in the virtual world. After the year is up, they must register a new pet to extend the play for another year.

Some concerns have been raised over the unsafe chat system incorporated in the Webkinz World. There are very good rules for all the people who chat, with restrictions on the way messages are sent, and there is a dictionary in place to stop bad language from the chat boards and messages. Youngsters can only answer through a drop down menu containing some 900 phrases that are all pre screened and can only be used as such. They will not be able to type on the system at all. Concerned parents can take an animated tour of the Webkinz World.

Kids will like having their own digital pet to take care of. From customizing the room it will live in to buying food, clothes and furniture for your pet, and it is even possible to buy new Webkinz at the Webkinz Store. A multitude of stories and games are their to be read and played, the Webkinz World and its upkeep is certified to keep expanding and making sure that no on ever will be able to try everything out.

One of the shinier moments for all kids, so far. Teaching them responsibility and giving great focus. Learning computer skills at a young age will make life easier in the coming years.

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Webkinz World -101

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This article was published on 2010/05/14