Toxic World - As the Planet Earth Gets More Sick, So Does It's Living Inhabitants

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Let's face it. We have been living in a polluted world, and it's not getting any better. If you go to your local theme park, for example, you'll find that most of the food boxes are stuffed into a trash can more than the recycling bin that is right beside it.

Unless people's habits and attitudes toward the planet change, unless people do really care, the global warming problem is just going to get worse and worse.

I'm not sure if you'd noticed but recently, the sunshine is much brighter than it was decades ago. It doesn't matter from which part of the world you're from, the sun seems more brighter and blinding (although I don't recommend that you look straight into the sun!)

The matter here is really simple. Pollute and harm the earth, and she will return the favour. How is this possible?

Consider all of our food supply - the vegetation for example. Decades ago, pollution wasn't as bad as it is now. But now we have car emissions going into the air, toxic chemicals ending up in the water and landfills just brewing with garbage that create ammonia and formaldehyde. There is a cause and effect to anything in life. Where are those toxins going to? Take a guess!

We may have great filtration plants, but it's not always guaranteed that they will all be toxin-free. Worse, the majority of the water plants in the world add chlorine, which is very toxic, contrary to what is said about them being a safe chemical. And worse - we're drinking it! now we have flouride being added to tap water. Flouride is bad for the thyroid gland and singers have to avoid this chemical at all costs.

As the toxic garbage gets into our air and into our waters, all of that comes back down as acidity and ends up going into our vegetation. As the vegetation grows, the nutrients lose their formation within the fruit or vegetable. In the end, you have what looks like food, but doesn't have the same amount of nutrition as it did decades ago.

There was a time when eating an Orange would give you your daily amount of vitamin C. Now, you need to eat at least 12 or more oranges to get the same amount of Vitamin C as an orange of long ago.

Because most people may not buy this theory, they will eat one Orange, but still find themselves taking sick days from work.

We did not even have all the major forms of cancer before the Industrial age!

The good news is that we can still help the earth, but only if we want to. The Ozone layer is depleting at a rate that's unheard of. And we are now living in a world where water is actually bottled. Let's hope that air will not be the next thing to be bottled.

To have healthier lives, we'll need to have a healthier planet. In order to do this, join any environmental groups who are doing what they can to help the planet. Learn and keep learning. Research and don't just take things ad verbatim. You never know what you'll come across.

Unless we all do our part to keep this world clean, safe and healthy, we may soon find ourselves with food that can no longer help us. And we may find that our world may soon be a place we can no longer call home.

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Toxic World - As the Planet Earth Gets More Sick, So Does It's Living Inhabitants

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This article was published on 2010/04/04