The Understated Englishness Is Close To Gerald Seymour's Heart

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The difficult world inhabited by his characters finds full echo in the writings of Gerald Seymour. Despite all the difficulties his characters go through, readers are surprised when no protagonist ever comes out and says he did things for his country. Instead, those characters are pinched and pushed, as there is no respect for them in the real world; everyone is living for himself or herself.


The Shady World of Spies


The world of spies at the global level is full of entrapment (obviously), and people are simply used (with no guilt or remorse). If you are looking for support or recognition, you are mistaken. It's not that patriotism is not there, people will always be there who will be ready to give up their own comforts for the security of their country. Gerald Seymour makes sure he never names his sources, since (most) people agree to talk to him because he is not a reporter. He wrote a book on Iraq before the gulf war took place, and he also wrote about the weapons of mass destruction. It was denied at that time, but the idea gained currency at the time of Iraq war.

He Has the Influence, But a Delayed One


Gerald Seymour does believe he has some influence over the grand scheme of things, though it is of slightly delayed nature. He believes TV viewing is basically passive (people are busy doing something else while watching TV) whereas those who read his books do so out of choice, which means they are more receptive to his ideas and concepts while reading.

See the World through His Eyes


He doesn't claim he knows everything in the world, but he can expose readers to the people he met, and he can introduce them to emotions they never thought existed. The belief among the authors that things that upset the readers would not be accepted is a fallacy. As long as the writers are able to walk to tightrope (between entertainment and difficulties), readers are fine with it.

English Democracy Is the Main Theme


The central theme of English democracy also evokes slight annoyance, but Gerald Seymour chooses to shrug it off. He says if Americans can write about American heroes and Irish writers can do the same, obviously he can also write stories that revolve around the British sensibilities (especially the understated ones).

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The Understated Englishness Is Close To Gerald Seymour's Heart

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This article was published on 2010/09/23