The Lost World

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My greatest problem must be without doubt that I grew up as a child on a different planet to this one, most certainly a different world. Perhaps most now would call it a 'Lost World'.

Let me try to tell you what as a child my world was like and far more importantly what tremendous fun it was to be there and take part in all the wonders, that was in fact a part of every day life for all us small people who lived there.

The weather did not matter because our little bodies were full of life only the big people were affected by it, but then the big people always seemed to have difficulty understanding many things we as little people did not. We little people could find fun, happiness and far more by just opening our eyes and I guess our minds. I have long wondered why the big people could not. I can only figure out that it is the different world, or perhaps it's a punishment to be a big person.

In my magical world we had things which were secret from the big people all of which were connected with growing up. Probably the most important of which was a huge old magic man, I think his name was Santa or Chris something or other who used to come but sadly only once a year. I remember we wrote to him to ask him for gifts and things we wanted. I often wondered what happened to him and why there is nobody to ask now; years then on my world were a lot longer than they are here and now, so there was far more to do. Let me tell you of some of the more special things about life on my lost world of children. We had dreams, night dreams and day dreams; we could play at being these dreams. There were all kinds of special toys to aid us in these dreams and be part of them. Story books to show us more dreams and treasure of all kinds, happiness was there for all who went in search of it, not only that but the more you searched the more you found. There were stories of funny people, stories of lovely or lucky people, strangely the big people did not understand much of this, although they always said they did, but of course they didn't, because if they did they wouldn't have been big people would they?

The years grew shorter, the time between birthdays and Christmas grew less and somewhere along this line I guess I fell off my planet and landed on this one where everything is upside down. Worst still I have become one of these big people who have lost their dreams and goals instead of exchange them for necessities and responsibilities, who don't search for happiness but depend on security. What I find the most impossible is how this world and my world I came from seem to make the same mistakes for each would be so far better with more imagination at the other end, if you can see what I mean.

Just suppose the adult world, yours or mine, were to regain some of the imagination, spirit and determination of our child's worlds, what then would be the problem? I guess the answer to that is that they would make us look childish, much worse we could end up looking semi-lifeless and boring. It is probably far better just to let the children have all the imagination, grown ups couldn't possibly handle it. After all they might become independent, even wealthy. Far better that all the big people of our worlds spend time providing for the little ones. The great pity is that we don't seem to stay little ones long enough.

When Jonathan Swift wrote Gulliver's Travels in 1726 he intended it to be a political horror story, yet when published it wasn't seen as such. At the time he wrote his book those who talked about people flying were called lunatics, this being based on how impossible it would be to fly to the moon. Today most people accept there is probably life on another planet somewhere in the universe but suppose there isn't, where then would that leave us? You are what you think you are, for most that is actually a sadness, however, as time has shown the more you think you are, the further you think you can go, when, if, you put it together. You too can already visit the two worlds. Better still would be to learn how to apply them as one and become wealthy and wise.

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The Lost World

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This article was published on 2010/03/31