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The two words, word and world, are only separated in spelling by one letter. But for a Christian the two words are separated by far more. What these two words represent in the life of a Christian can mean the difference between a close walk with Jesus, and a desolate walk alone.

In the life of a Christian, the Word refers to the Holy Bible. It is the inspired word of God that was sent to us through mortal men to guide us and teach us. In its essence the Bible is the definition of what is good. We use the Bible in order to know who God is, and to understand how He wants us to live our lives. It is the essential handbook to life for those that believe in what it says. Every issue that a human can possibly face is either directly or indirectly referred to in the Bible. The Bible is, and always will be, the most thorough and effective self-help book ever written. It is our guide into what we believe is everlasting life in a place called heaven.

The term world for a Christian refers to what we find around us here on earth. It is filled with both good and evil. It is what often tempts us to move away from our walk with Christ by filling us with greed, lust, envy and pride. It offers so many things to excite our senses and can fill us with desires that are not of the Word. The sometimes overwhelming feelings of intoxication that the world gives us can often lower our inhibitions, much like drinking too much alcohol. The more we indulge in the world, the more comfortable and complacent we become in it. Before long we find ourselves basking in the sun of the world, instead of standing in the light of the Lord.

The Word warns us not to be a part of this world, for it is not our home. As a Christian we are destined for a greater and more wondrous place called heaven. In the same respect we are not to save up our treasures for while we are here in this world. The things of this world will all disappear one day. We are to store our treasures in heaven where we will reside for all of eternity. But many of us forget that. The world tempts us with greed and pride and we fall prey to its evil intentions. Before long we have forgotten all about our heavenly treasures and our walk with the Lord. And that's when trouble strikes.

Trial and tribulation in the life of a Christian can have many different reasons, but will always have the same purpose. They are to help us to grow as Christians and to keep us focused on a hope (Rom 5: 1-5). That hope is that one day we will one day be with our Lord and Savior for all of eternity. Do not mistake the word hope as something that "may" happen. Hope for a Christian is a certainty. When we allow the world to fill us with pride, envy, and greed the Lord is quick to remind us what our true purpose is. The way He often does this is through trial and tribulation. It reminds us Who is in charge and where our eyes need to be focused upon.

So Christian, where are your eyes right now? Are they firmly set upon your eternal life with your Lord and Savior? Or have your eyes wandered in their lust and greed of this world to things that will ultimately mean nothing?

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The Christian Word Vs World

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This article was published on 2010/03/28