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Arrr me hearties. It turns out that exactly the same day which in fact had been chosen as "Talk Like A Pirate Day," there were elections held in Sweden. Unfortunately, the actual Swedish Pirate Party failed to gain a high enough percentage with the votes to get representatives inside the Swedish Parliament.

Now think of how much fun could be used with a "Pirate Party" working in the places of the USA Congress. People would not be tempted to take the baseball bat or nine- iron to the garage door in aggravation if they had some admitted Pirates representing all of them in the legislature.

Many folks believe the Congress is filled with a bunch of pirates anyhow so with members of the Pirate Party, it would simply take the buccaneers out of the wardrobe so to speak. The Swedish Pirate Party seems to be the particular antithesis from the traditional pirates of yore. Today's cutthroat buccaneers are as likely to be in opposition to the status quo.

The cutthroat buccaneers of yore would come into today's world and be impressed by the lawful piracy across the country and the world. It would be open for argument as to whether they might feel a lot more kindred to the brigands nevertheless operating upon seas all over the world or the pirates of the boardroom. They might understand the "Pirates of the Caribbean" or they may feel the kinship with the pirates that operate away from law wherever they are on the planet. They would probably not feel the actual kinship with pirates of the boardroom as the pirates of old would certainly see the boardroom as the modern day East Indian Company. But exactly how would these people feel about the actual guy who takes his frustrations out on the garage door? Or even how would they feel about the particular garage door repairman? Would they feel any kinship with working people of all amounts trying to make a full time income in today's world?

Many dream writers took the philosophy of someone out of time into the modern day world. Other folks will expound on how these were born a century or two overdue for the lives they sense they should become living. Pirates around the world, long lasting label they may give on their own, will always be about. And so will the person who simply gets discouraged and takes the baseball bat to his garage door, necessitating the decision for the garage door repairman to come in.

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Swedish Pirate Party

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This article was published on 2010/10/18