Polio Return Does Not Dampen Rotary Effort

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Polio is trying to come back from the brink of eradication. The World Health Organization reports a doubling of the number of children paralyzed by the virus in Nigeria in the past year. Although only 124 cases are confirmed it is troubling because the virus is mutating.

Nigeria uses an oral vaccine known to be less effective than the injected vaccine used in most of the western world. Other countries continuing to see new polio cases are Afghanistan, Angola, Chad, India, Pakistan, and Sudan.

Polio was near eradication half a decade ago however rumors in remote areas that the vaccine was a western plot to sterilize women disrupted progress.

ABC News reports that 7 nearly eradicated diseases have made a comeback. These include polio, bubonic plague, chagas, tuberculosis, hookworm, Spanish flu, and leprosy.

Rotary International has been a leader in the drive to eradicate polio. Supporting the effort are the 54 Rotary Clubs in District 6380, covering the Detroit area in Michigan and Ontario. They have donated money, worked on special projects, and increased community awareness of the disease. Consequently Rotary International and its affiliated clubs throughout the world have become synonymous with the battle to eliminate polio. The unification behind this cause gives Rotarians a common bind with each other.

Kiwanis International also focuses the major portion of their benevolence to a single, but broader, cause. Behind the motto "serving the children of the world", business owners and executives in their clubs they are able to rally around the club's cause forming strong relationships with each other.

Motor City Connect, a hybrid networking community with nearly 4,000 members in Detroit, unites members with "Red, Green and Sledgehammer!" It involves blood donation, equipping kids for school, and eliminating urban blight.

Smaller networking groups can experience these same benefits by backing local causes. Not only does a worthy cause benefit, members build stronger relationships with each other.

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Polio Return Does Not Dampen Rotary Effort

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This article was published on 2010/03/28