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The "King of Pop" has left us! I am still in shock over today's events and I feel like I have lost yet another family member. The only thing that I can even remotely compare my feelings to, is the day that Jimi died, Sept. 18th, 1970 (a date that has been etched in my heart for 39 years now). And now June 25th, 2009 takes its place along side Sept. 18th, 1970. No matter what the press has said or may say..... and no matter what we choose to believe about Michael Jackson, there is no dispute about his extraordinary talent, artistry and his lonely but royal place in modern musical history. The whole world may not realize it yet, but the music world has just suffered its most tragic loss since the death of Jimi Hendrix. We have also lost the best "American ambassador" for WORLD PEACE, that we have ever had!

For those of you who have been following our blog, you may have seen our post at 8:54 this morning, that paid tribute to the honor and memory of the great guitarist, David Williams (who was Michael's guitar player). We featured a photo of David and Michael performing together in Bangkok (1993). Little did we know that just 4 hours later, we would be shocked by the news of Michael's death. I was so stunned that my son and I decided to sit and watch the HBO Michael Jackson concert from Bucharest, Romania (a concert event that transcends every "live" performance ever seen in musical history). His Dangerous World Tour was undoubtedly the largest and most professional production that the world has seen to date. Michael's enormous talent, coupled with the world's best (production, musicians, dancers and singers), puts him on a pedestal that is way too high for any other superstar to ever imagine attaining. Why is it that genius talent always seems to be so short-lived? We were all so looking forward to Michael's comeback concerts in London next month.

He paid an extraordinary price for his fame and recognition as the "King of Pop" and he reached a status that few humans have ever achieved. Michael is arguably the most recognized person on the planet. When you're the top "gun-slinger", everyone wants to shoot you down (for one reason or another). The word that comes to my mind is "appreciation". I think many of us failed to really appreciate what Micheal has done for music, for dance, for charity and for world peace. His legacy is boundless and he will be remembered on this planet for centuries to come. Every time a genius performs, he gives each of us a little piece of his heart and soul. Michael Jackson gave us his all!

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Michael Jackson Remembered

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This article was published on 2010/03/31