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I was with a friend a few weeks back, we were just out watching a bit of sport and catching up when the conversation became quite different. You see this person has wanted to change their situation for a little while now. He is tired of doing the same thing and working for the same company, however does not really know what to do.

At times he is all fired and ready for change and other times he has more self doubt than ever before and could not possibly do it. With all that in mind I thought I would pose a question.

What is the worse than that could happen if you went out on your own or did something different?

This really is a powerful starting point in getting to think about worse case scenarios. Most the time when you pose such a question you discover the worse case, most terrible dreadful thing in the world, really is not all that bad. So what stops people from moving forward and living in the world they want.

Self Doubt is certainly the number one reason why people do not change their circumstances, why they do not complete a simple task, why they are afraid of doing things different. We all have self doubt in some form or another; quite often we hide it and call it something else. No matter who you are in the world, you have had or do have some sort of self doubt, the difference is successful people overcome it.

They push it to the side and move forward anyway. They can handle the intense emotional feelings bubbling inside your stomach. There is no one simple cure to handling self doubt besides being confident in your ability and yourself. Work on yourself image and mindset to over self doubt.

Rejection is the second reason why we would prefer to stay in our comfort zone and not do anything different. Inside all of us we are afraid of someone saying "no", someone rejecting our thoughts, our approach and we take it to heart. Successful people now that they will be rejected the majority of the time; however they have a way of moving on and coping with it. They do not take it personally. Being rejected is not a reflection on yourself but on the circumstances.

Mindset is the third key to changing your world; the way you think determines what you do and how you do it. As I was sitting with my friend and posed the question, his response was I would not have enough money for food or shelter. Yep that is a big one. So I posed this question. If you knew you had to earn $4,000 in a month, would you not just find a way to do it, no matter what. This is where mindset plays a huge part in changing your world and being successful. The response I got was "no" if there is not any work then I could not the difference is I would not worry about whether there might be work or not, I would go and search everywhere for the work.

Why is it in desperate need so many people overcome adversity to rise to their greatest moments? It is because of the way they think, as that is what determines what they do. To change your world start working on your mindset, start reading and educating yourself, start becoming a master of your mind.

Your world is up to you, how you live it is in your hands, the decisions you make are no one elses responsibility. When you overcome the things that are holding you back the feeling you get, the excitement and happiness propel you into your new world. Enjoy creating the world you want to live in.
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Keys To Changing Your World

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This article was published on 2011/03/30